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  • Mission of the IMP
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  • Learning Facilities
  • Regulation
  • GPA Calculations
  • Rules of Admission
  • Requirements for the PHD Degree
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Prof. Dr. Wael Nabil Abdelsalam.

Dean of Alexandria Faculty of Medicine .

Prof. Dr. Aly

Vice Dean for education students' Affaires.

Prof. Dr. Ayman Farid Ahmed El Shayeb

Vice dean for Post Graduate studies and Research

Prof. Dr.Wafaa Mohamed Mahmoud EL- Sehly

Vice-Dean for Community and Environmental Development

Prof. Dr. Noha Zahran

Executive Director of IMP

The vision of the International Medical Program is to:

  • Offering educational services to the undergraduate student using state of the art curricula adopted in modern universities making use of the most up to date scientific references.
  • Strengthening scientific and cultural ties between our university and other Arab, African and Foreign international universities.
  • Promote professional development, innovation and excellence in education.
  • Promote a worldwide free exchange of ideas regarding educational theory and methods.
  • Graduate internationally accredited health care providers.

The mission of the International Medical Program is to:

  1. Provide the community with highly qualified physicians:

    • Who are excellent health care providers, demonstrating appropriate professional behavior according to international and national standards.
    • Who can efficiently cope with the rapid changes in medical practice and research in the 21st century.
  2. Develop in them the enthusiasm to become lifelong learners.
  3. Prepare the students to be competent and caring doctors according to international standards.

The objectives of the international program is to:

  1. Provide the students with up - to - date knowledge ,information and necessary skills that professional distinction requires.
  2. Prepare students for the transition from medical student to doctor successfully.
  3. Prepare students to learn and train effectively throughout a post graduate career.
  4. Educate students to always relate academic study to patient care, emphasizing the importance of doctor - patient relationship.
  5. Stress the ethical concepts involved in his future medical career.
  6. Promote the cooperation between medical students and health care
  7. Allow the students to fully participate in feedback and evaluation processes.
  8. Facilitate the student-learning process through guiding the students to different information resources and helping them in problem solving based on comprehensive guidance from a wide range of clinical cases in multiple clinical setting.

Burj Khalifa Award - Two Accreditation Certificates

2 Campus:

1- Azarita campus for clinical phase

which includes:

9 lecture halls

34 class rooms

2 libraries.

IT center

Computer labs

Skill lab

E- Learning department

Convention center

2- Mwassah campus for preclinical

phase which includes:

6 lecture halls

14 small class rooms

10 dry and wet labs

Computer lab.

Museums .

4 Dissection halls

  • The international undergraduate medical program of AFM is available for foreign students (carrying a foreign nationality) who have obtained their High school certificate from outside Egypt.
  • Students are nominated for admission to the faculty according to the general admission requirements of Alexandria Faculty of Medicine under the umbrella of the Ministry of Higher Education and their Embassy.
  • Students must hold a certificate equivalent to the Egyptian High School certificate accepted by the Supreme Council of Egyptian Universities.

For example: At least 8 IGCSE/GCSE subjects O levels + additional two AS or two AL.

  • Acceptance will be according to grades attained and places available at Alexandria University.
  • The certificate should be stamped from the Ministry of Foreign affairs of the relevant country.
  • The student should then at the office for foreign students in the Egyptian Ministry of Higher Education.

Address: 97, EL Gomhoreya Street, Ramsis, Cairo

Telephone: 02259284469- 0225904100

  • To be accepted in the school of Medicine, he/ she should have completed the following courses:
  • Biology (A level)
  • Chemistry including organic chemistry
  • Mathematics
  • Physics
  • English
  • 2 AS level: one at least biology and the second

    one of chemistry, physics, mathematics.

The student has to:

• Have the master degree with grade not less than “ C+”

• Fulfill the special requirements needed by certain scientific departments.

Requirements For Thesis Registration & Discussion:

The student can register for the thesis after 6 credit hours with a CGPA not less than grade “C”.

1)-On registration: the student must pay a sum of 1560 EGP

2) Then the fees of each course are calculated according to its number of credit hours , where one credit hour = 500$.