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قسم التعليم الطبى

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To contribute and further shape the educational mission of the Alexandria Faculty of Medicine through serving as  center of provision  of advanced medical education support for administration and staff members regarding  the design, development, and delivery of high-quality teaching  and assessment methods. We also prepare future leaders in the field of health professions education to convey medical education vision and apply Educational research.

Our Vision:

Medical education department aspires to become a nationally and internationally recognized leading center of health professional education that applies best evidence practice in medical education and to share knowledge and experience with all medical education centers locally, regionally and internationally.

Department Strategic Objectives, 2021-2026:

  1. Expand and enhance our evidence based research in medical education
  2. Expand access to professional staff development with innovative programs and resources
  3. Promote educational innovation in medical education in order to advance our understanding of teaching and learning and to inform policy and practice within our faculty.

Prof.Dr.Wael Nabil

Head of Medical Education Department

Prof.Dr.Soha Rashid

Executive supervisor of Department

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  • ( استاذ ورئيس قسم الهستولوجيا وبيولوجيا الخلية )أ.د/هدى محمود خليفة
  • أ.د/نجوى محمود القبيه ( أستاذ متفرغ قسم التخدير والعناية المركزة الجراحية )
  • أ.د/. أحمد محمد عثمان( استاذ طب وجراحه العيون )
  • أ.د/.إيمان حسن دياب( أستاذ متفرغ قسم الكيمياء الحيوية )
  • أ.د/.هالة مقلد ( أستاذ الفسيولوجيا الطبية)
  • د.منة الله حسن رزق
  • د.هناء سعيد سعد الحوشي
  • د. مروة محمد محمد شومان
  • د.نهى إبراهيم الدسوقي محمود
  • د.ريهام أمين محمد
  • د.مرام مصطفى محمد حسن
  • د.آيات نبيل يوسف الطيار
  • د.نوران نادر محمد النمر





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