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The Medical Research Center (MRC) is a research foundation at Alexandria Faculty of Medicine (AFM) that creates an inspiring environment in which researchers and scientists can excel.

The MRC aims to renovate research resources and trends at Alexandria Faculty of Medicine. It provides state of the art core facilities for recent medical research technologies. Furthermore, the strategies adopted for the MRC foster multidisciplinary research teamwork and should spark research innovation and development in basic and clinical research.

MRC occupies the second and third floors of the academic building, Azarita Campus of AFM. It comprises specialized labs and centers that should empower knowledge transfer and embed principles for translational research in collaboration with other research centers, clinical and academic departments affiliated to Alexandria Faculty of Medicine and Alexandria University.

The Medical Research Center includes:

  • Center of Excellence for Research in Regenerative Medicine and its Applications (CERRMA)

CERRMA provides well equipped labs for research and for medical education programs in the fields of stem cells, tissue culture, nano medicine and related molecular biology techniques.

Executive Manager:

Prof.Dr. Radwa Mehanna, professor of Medical Physiology

Alexandria Faculty of Medicine

Vice Executive Managers:

Applied Research Technologies:

1- Stem cells research lab (broad field and cell line targeted)

2- Lab for medical nanotechnology

3- Lab for cell and tissue culture

4- Molecular biology lab

5- Lab for advanced microscopy

6- Cryo- preservation bank (in process)

7- Lab for sterile experimental research common facilities (in process).

2- Proteomics Laboratory (AFM Proteomics)

AFM Proteomics provides intellectual and state of the art technical expertise and instrumentation for analysis of proteins. Interaction with basic and clinical investigators is a corner stone to promote and facilitate research. The lab hosts a MALDI TOF TOF mass spectrometer for protein and peptide identification, a system for 2D gel electrophoresis (isoelectric focusing, SDS PAGE, gel documentation system) and a Western blotting system. In addition to nano- liquid chromatography for non-gel based facilities.

Executive Manager: Prof. Dr. Pacint Moez, Professor of clinical pathology, Alexandria Faculty of Medicine

Vice Executive Manager: Dr. Mai Moheb, Assistant Professor of Microbiology, Alexandria Faculty of Medicine

3- The Genomics Research Lab

The Genome Research Lab provides advanced quality services and a high level of quality in the field of genomic medicine and in scientific research in the field of the genome in collaboration with various research laboratory centers. The center works on supplying medical and scientific researches to serve the development continued in various scientific fields and welcomes cooperation with all colleges and research institutes all over the Arab Republic of Egypt to cope with the advancement in science and scientific progress.

The center is specialized in genomic research and genetic disorders diagnosis and genetic counseling

Executive Manager Dr. Doaa Abdelmonsif, Assistant. professor of Medical Biochemistry, Alexandria Faculty of Medicine

Vice Executive Manager Dr. Hoda El Assy, Lecturer of Medical Genetics, pathology department, Alexandria Faculty of Medicine

4- Atomic Absorption Research Lab

This lab provides highly accurate advanced services in the field of measuring elements concentration in various samples. The lab is ready to participate with other research labs for the development and progress of scientific research, and to co-operate with any faculty in Egypt to coincide with recent scientific knowledge. Atomic absorption is a very common technique for detecting metals and metalloids in samples and measures their concentrations. It is used for clinical analysis (blood samples: whole blood, plasma, serum; serous fluids, tissue biopsy), water analysis, Food analysis, Soil analysis, Plant and Pharmaceutical products analysis.

Executive Manager: Dr. Rasha Nassra, Assistant professor of Medical Biochemistry department, Alexandria Faculty of Medicine

Vice Executive Manager: Dr. Fatma Dwedar, Assistant professor of Medical Biochemistry department, Alexandria Faculty of Medicine

6- HPLC (High Performance Liquid Chromatography) Lab

HPLC is one of the sophisticated analytical tools in the present science. It is given prominent importance in the analysis field because of its high sensitivity and accuracy in identification of components of most complex mixtures. Also, its efficiency in separation of molecules under pressure over a large surface area. This lab provides the Clinical diagnosis of diseases and disorders and has a role in scientific research. and in pharmaceutical and food industry for quality control.

Executive Manager: Dr. Hagar Elkafrawy, Lecturer of Medical Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, Alexandria Faculty of Medicine

7- Molecular Biology (MB) lab:

This lab provides research and training programs in molecular biology and biotechnology, to go with the developed new instruments and methods in the life sciences, and technology transfer linking between Faculty of Medicine and other faculties in Alexandria university as well as other universities and institutions in this field.

The lab is a state-of-art laboratory regionally and nationally for the high-quality teaching, research and service. Excellent communication between departments and institutions through technically competent service. Engagement in partnerships with others that result in mutually beneficial outcomes and Accreditation.

Executive Manager: Dr. Reham Abdel Haleem, Assistant Professor of clinical pathology, Alexandria Faculty of Medicine

Vice executive manager: Dr. Marwa Hanafi, Assistant Professor of clinical pathology, Alexandria Faculty of Medicine

8- The Common Facility Lab

The common facility lab is intended to include all equipment that can be commonly used by different research labs, in addition to serving researchers from different institutes. The use of most of the equipment included in the common facility lab is of high cost, thus, they were gathered in this lab to provide a cost-effective means for their use by a wider scale of researchers.

Executive Manager: Dr. Rasha Said, Lecturer of Medical Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, Alexandria Faculty of Medicine

Vice Executive Manager: Dr. Walaa Roushdy, Lecturer of Medical Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, Alexandria Faculty of Medicine

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