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قسم كلينكال باثولوجى

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Prof.Dr.Abla Abu Zayeed

Head of Clinical Pathology Department

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  • أ/د.وسام الجندى
  • أ/د.دلال القفاش
  • أ/د.نهلة فرحات
  • أ/د.أكرم دغيدى
  • أ/د.عبلة أبو زيد
  • أ/د.بسنت معز
  • أ/د.وفاء النعناعى
  • أ/د.أمانى سرور
  • أ/د.محمد ابراهيم
  • أ/د.نيرمين حسام الدين
  • أ/د.منى وجدى
  • أ/د.دعاء حشاد
  • أ/د.هدير عباسى
  • أ/د.على عبد العال
  • أ/د.ملك عبد الحى
  • أ/د.منى سدراك
  • أ/د.عايدة صالح
  • أ/د.صلاح مرزوق
  • أ/د.أمينه حساب
  • أ/د.اجلال شعله
  • أ/د.مريم أبو سيف
  • أ/د.زينب مراد
  • أ/د.دلال الجزيرى
  • أ/د.مصطفى رزق
  • أ/د.علا شراكى
  • أ/م.د.أمل رفعت
  • أ/م.د.عبير الحديدى
  • .أ/م.د داليا عبد المعطى
  • أ/م.د.دورين نزيه
  • أ/م.د.رانيا سويلم
الأساتذة المساعدين
  • أ/م.د.محمد الصاوى (مسافر)
  • أ/م.د.مروه حنفى
  • أ/م.د.إيمان طـايع
  • أ/م.د. ريهام فضل   (مسافرة)
  • د.إيمان سعــد
  • د.ريهام عبد الحليم
  • د.نيفين لويس
  • د.أميرة فياض    (مسافرة)
  • د.هناء دنيا
  • د.مروه جمال   (مسافرة)
  • د.ايمان عبد اللطيف
  • د.نرمين الدباح
  • د.سلمى امبابى
  • د.رشا نور الدين
  • د.دينا عكاشة
  • د. رغدة سعد زغلول
  • د.منى طاحون
  • د. رشا اسامة
  • د.نوران توفيق
  • د.ايمان زكريا
  • د.هدير محمد رشيد
المدرسين المساعدين:
  • د.ايه محمد سامى
  • د.اسماء مصطفى
  • د.مى سليم
  • د.سلمى المصرى  (مسافرة)
  • د.شريف الشرقاوى
  • د.سلمى سعيد ابراهيم
  • د.أمنية محمد فتحى محمد اللقانى
  • د.سلسبيل محمد على عطيه
  • د.علياء عبد الله على حسن الكيال
  • د. أسماء محمد ابراهيم مخيمر
  • د.سلمى عبد المجيد محمد رمضان
  • د.امنية ابراهيم محمد
  • د.اسماء محمد نصر الدين السيد
  • د.شروق محمد احمد شعيب

Clinical Pathology Department occupies the ground floor in the southern part of the internal medicine building. It is considered as the backbone of the main university hospital that serves the Northwest of  Delta namely; Alexandria, Marsa Matrouh and Behera governorates. The department also carries out many of the post graduate scientific researchs for master and doctorate researchers. In addition to Children’s Hospital laboratory, El- Hadera Hospital laboratory  and The New Education Hospital laboratory.

The Clinical Pathology department is composed of the following units:

1. Main Department, which includes the following labs:

2. Emergency laboratory: which is fully equipped with automated machines to serve the hospital 24 hours a day.

3. Clinical chemistry laboratories 1&2.

4. Hormones and tumour markers laboratory.

5. Cytochemistry laboratory .

6. Immunology laboratory.

7. Flow Cytometry and Cytogenetic laboratory.

8. Coagulation laboratory.

9. Hematology laboratory.

10. Molecular biology laboratory.

11. Bone Marrow transplantation unit laboratory.

12. Shatby Hospital laboratory.

13. El- Hadera Hospital laboratory

14. The New Education Hospital laboratory.


The Alexandria University Hospital Laboratories will be the best diagnostic facility in Egypt and provide up to date and competitively priced laboratory tests to the inpatients of the University Hospital and its affiliated institutions, to outpatients within and outside the University, and to contracting organizations.


The technical leadership, consisting of laboratory managers and supervisors will contribute to education and strategic planning as well as being efficient as Directors of the Laboratories. Each technical employee of the Medical Laboratories is expected:

  • To participate in planning and management to assure quality of test results,
  • To increase productivity and reduce waste by optimal utilization of technology and manpower,
  • To assure communication within and outside of the organization,
  • To maintain competence and to further professional development, and
  • To support the mission and values of the University of Alexandria Health System.


The goal of the Clinical Pathology lab is to provide superior services while maintaining employee satisfaction and financial soundness. These services will meet the needs of the patients and physicians who use the Laboratories. Excellence in customer service will give the Laboratories a competitive edge over other regional and national laboratories.

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List of publications from clinical pathology department
between 2015 – 2021

Postal address:

Clinical Pathology Department, Faculty of Medicine, University of Alexandria.

Khartoum Square, Azzaritta.

Alexandria, EGYPT.


Telephone: 00203 4864833


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